Piano Course

Find out the amazing melodies our 10 fingers can produce! Many sees piano as a start to learning more instruments in future. Learning the piano provides an excellent foundation in rhythm, sight-reading and pitch. The piano stands out as a key in enhancing concentration, cognitive ability and creativity.


(Available in individual and group settings)

Progressively structured based on the graded ABRSM Examinations syllabus, classical piano lessons allow you to build a solid musical foundation. Lesson focuses on imparting essential piano skills, technique, sight reading, theory knowledge, aural and ear training. Students may choose to proceed to get certified by seating for ABRSM piano exam when they are ready. Aim to be play popular music like Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata and La Campanella!


(Available in individual and group settings)

A choice to learn your favourite pop music or to learn through the Rockschool Syllabus gives a lot of flexibility to learning while being introduced to the fundamental skills of music. Learn how to read score, lead sheets, play chords and then progressing to explore the different accompaniment patterns possible!