Guitar Course

Let our professional and experienced instructors take you through all stages of mastering skills on the guitar. Students of any experience level are welcome to join, our instructors will tailor the course contents according to the student’s expectations and abilities

Refer to more information below to find out more on the various elements covered. You will never feel bored, guitar will keep you going!


Rockschool Syllabus provides a progressive and effective structure for guitar learning.Exam based syllabus provides individual a target to work through every grading and mastery of technique and skills


A choice to learn your favourite pop music or to learn through the Rockschool Syllabus gives a lot of flexibility to learning while being introduced to fundamental skills on the guitar


Suitable for individuals who aspire to play popular hits heard on radios and Spotify playlist. Students learn plucking, strumming techniques, chord progressions, patterns and scales. Not forgetting Music Theory. Like singing? Communicate with our instructors and they can teach you to strum and sing along!


Suitable for individuals who are interested to explore the use of amps and pedals as well as the wide range of tones an electric guitar can create. Learn vibrato, hammer on, pull offs, double stops, strumming techniques. Get introduced to chord progressions, patterns, riffs, scales and reading guitar tabs. Proceed to also explore lead playing, guitar solo and solo improvisation.


Suitable for individuals who aspires to provides the backbone that holds up the other instruments in a band. Learn chord melodies, chord tone, slap bass and walking bass line